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Ben Cook

Founder Redpill Strategies

Ben Cook is founder of Redpill Strategies, a boutique strategy shop focused on solving the problems leaders face operating in muddy waters across their organizational ecosystem.


Redpill Strategies works to empower leaders navigating unrest across the manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, consumer, transportation, real estate, nonprofit and finance sectors. Drawing on native fluency in information-era community dynamics – alongside expertise in employee engagement, crisis management and brand strategy – RPS helps organizations manage workforce, patient, activist or other stakeholder audiences.


Ben has crafted change and crisis management strategies for Fortune 500 companies including Exxon, Verizon, Aetna, John Hancock, GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim. Previously, he led commercial strategy at a business intelligence startup, and consulted on countering ISIS recruitment for the White House.

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Carolyn Hudson

Internal Communications, Employee Engagement, Change Management Expert

Carolyn Hudson brings more than 25 years of deep experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies. She is a seasoned expert in leading internal communications and culture strategies that drive connection and inspire advocacy.


Her range of expertise includes mergers and acquisitions (M&A), culture transformation, employee engagement, internal communications, and executive coaching. 


Her client work has included engagements with ExxonMobil, The Coca-Cola Company, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, UPS, Delta Air Lines, Mars, Federated Machine Corporation (FMC), Charles River Laboratories, SunTrust Banks, Ryder Trucking, and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.


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Leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It's about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter.

                                                             - Chris Hadfield, Astronaut

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