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  • Deb Urbanik

CEOs – Who are your most essential workers for #restarting?

Like doctors and nurses striving to heal the whole patient, your HR partners today stand at the epicenter of your business and will require exceptional leadership support as they diagnose, treat, and nurture your company ecosystem back to health. HR is not a function, they are your front-line strategic partners, and like the heroes of our hospitals and healthcare network, they have to be properly equipped to support employees like never before.


As you triage your organization, HR will need to assess strengths and injuries, bring in subject matter experts and coordinate care. More than ever before, they will rely on the expertise of leaders from facilities, operations, legal, communications, and more. As a senior leader, now is the time to ask yourself, “Have I equipped my HR team for this challenge?” 


A doctor would never be expected to work alone on a patient and HR cannot succeed if they are forced to work in a vacuum as they #reboard employees.

Managing people out of the coronavirus crisis requires emotional healing, environmental resets, and serious change management skills. The time is now to sit down with your HR partners for an honest assessment of where they can operate exceptionally, and where they will need specialized support. Making these decisions together today, will empower HR to excel tomorrow.

People leaders are the essential workers for organizational health. Their success depends on executive preparedness and proactive thinking now. Are you ready for #reboarding?

Co-authored by our consortium of Culture, Change, Crisis and HR consultants Carolyn HudsonDebbie UrbanikBen Cook, and Christina Itzkowitz

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