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  • Deb Urbanik

Mental Health in the Workplace - A Foundation of Understanding

Are you prepared to support an employee facing a mental health challenge? Today this capability is more critical than ever, and probably more simple to master than you imagine. In an August 2020 survey of 1,000 US employees conducted by D. Whitney Consulting and Qualtrics, 56% of respondents self-identified as being treated for one or more mental health challenges. As a people leader, you strongly influence whether someone facing mental health challenges on your team will seek the support they need at work or suffer in silence. Here you may listen to part one of a two-part series designed to equip and inspire leaders to create mentally healthy teams, driven by inspired human connection.

The link to access the recording, the Toolkit, and an Employee Mental Health Resource Guide are included below:

Mental Health in the Workplace - A Found
Download • 41.11MB
Employee_Mental_Health_Resources_2021 (1
Download • 286KB

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